Thursday, December 4, 2014

KDRAMA Tag 20 Questions

Out of sheer boredom/having too much time, I have searched tumblr for a KDrama related question/challenge to do today. There are 30 questions in the challenge (shortened it to 20). Here are my answers.

Q1 Your favourite KDrama
This one is easy, I have already mentioned this particular drama in my previous posts. My favourite KDrama of all time is I'm Sorry, I Love You! This drama holds a soft spot in my heart, although I do not re-watch it often, the storyline always stays in my mind. You could say this drama solidified my addiction.

Q2 Your favourite male lead character
Hmmm... This one requires a fair bit of thought, I can name a few... it that cheating?
- Save the Last Dance for Me: Ji Sung as Kang Hyun Woo
- Reply 1997: Seo In Guk as Yoon Yoon Jae
Whilst watching Reply 1997, I kept asking myself why I hadn't found a guy like Yoon Yoon Jae... sigh~ His unrelenting love for Sung Si Won had me swooning.

Q3 Your favourite female lead character
- Save the Last Dance for Me: Eugene as Ji Eun Soo
Ji Eun Soo's attributes are very noteworthy, she is someone who has so much determination, kindness and selflessness. I admire that about her... I don't want to spoil the storyline, so I will keep it at that :D You can't help but like her character.

Q4 Your favourite male/female third wheel character
Is this referring to second lead syndrome?  If so, I can't recall on the top of my head ... no wait I can. Chil Bong from Reply 1994. I was routing for him throughout the whole series.

Q5 Your favourite song from KDrama OST
This one is easy, it started my love for Park Hyo Shin!!
- Snow Flower (눈의 꽃): Park Hyo Shin [ I'm Sorry, I Love You OST ]

Q6 Your favourite line from male/female lead character
Reply 1997 Episode 2

Yoon Yoon Jae: Confirmation

Q7 Your favourite story
In terms of a storyline I don't mind watching repeatedly are makjang/melodramas. I can't help but love the melodramatic, extreme story lines.. they keep me on my toes, if they are done well of course. You know.. throw in a chaebol, being disowned, falling in love with a not as well off female character, arrogance turning into love, tear inducing dramas, you will find me in that section. Here are some I enjoyed

- Stairway to Heaven
- Secret Love
- King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu
- Missing You

I also like myself some saeguk (periodic/historical) dramas as well - whether they be set in that time period or a character time travelling.

- Moon Embracing the Sun
- Rooftop Prince

Q8 Your favourite "I Love You"
- Secret Love

Q9 Your favourite kiss
- Secret Love Episode 16 (the last scene in the bakery)

Q10 Your favourite ending 
Once again
- Secret Love Episode 16 (the last scene in the bakery)
The ending was just so sweet, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum had great chemistry - very believable! Most well rounded ending I've seen in a while.

Q11 A KDrama you started but couldn't finish
Personal Preference
I couldn't even get past the first episode of this drama - I couldn't stand the female lead's character

Q12 A KDrama you watched more than once
I have re-watched quite a few, here are some: 

- My Girl
- Save the Last Dance for Me
- Full House
- Princess Hours

Q13 The worst KDrama that you've watched until the end

- Big (what was with the ending, it had me raging for a while - I still get rage when I discuss the drama with my friends)

Q14 Best actor
Joo Won has captured my attention long, long ago. All the characters he plays, I can tell how immersed he is into his character, he shows so much versatility. He is one of the few actors who doesn't care about looking pretty on screen. He becomes the character.

Q15 Best Actress
This one is harder to think of... One performance I enjoyed was Lee Bo Young in I Can Hear Your Voice. She has improved significantly since her earlier roles.

Q16 Worst Actor/Actress
There are quite a few idol actors/actresses out there who have cringe worthy acting skills... that is all I will say.

Q17 Best Couple
- My Girl: Joo Yoo Rin and Seol Gong Chan
Secret Love: Kang Yoo Jung and Jo Min Hyuk

Q18 Worst Hated Couple
- King of Baking, Kim Tag Gu: Shin Yoo Kyung and Gu Ma Joon

Q19 First KDrama
I have been watching KDramas for over a decade, so I can't quite recall my very first one.

Q20 Your most recently finished drama
- She's So Loveable

If you end up answering these questions as well please link me, I would love to read it. Or if you agree with any of my opinions comment below.

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